Hey, need some info on assignment 2 in level3 :
As we are downloading monthly reports for the previous year (12 months report) right?

Initially i found like, for few cases i found only few month reports, not all 12months reports (is it correct? need confirmation)
and after downloading reports, PDD said i need to combine all in one as Yearly. Do we need append one below the other or we have to make it as different sheets/tabs in one single excel?

please help me on this.

Clarification -

  1. You have to download the monthly reports only if available. For some months reports may not available. You have to handle both cases.

  2. You have to append all monthly reports into a single data table and export it to single excel sheet.
    Basically you have to append every monthly data table into a single data table.

Karthik Byggari


which means only a single sheet?



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