Assignment2- Generate Yearly Report for Vendor

I have error as “process finished due to no more transaction data.”
I followed many links get it resolved but still facing the same issue. please check my workflows amd let me know the mistakes. (3.0 KB) (2.9 KB)

I think it is not moving to the next page. please tell me the corrections.
Please help me,
I would be grateful, thank you very much

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Hi Vioca_Marga

in the Process workflow the First Click activity remove space between + and in_TransactionNumber to be like this


On Element Appear please use Selector as per the PDD


In the GetTransactionData
Add a print out to identify where the problem is like this

thanks for your time
i solved

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I am kind of confusion of this last assignment. In the walkthrough, it is mentioned that we need to create 2 processes, “One creates the queue of items and is called Dispatcher. The other one processes the previously created queue items and is called Performer.”

It most implementation, I see people just ended having one.

Is this assignment was changed to have 2 processes?