Assignment2 Criteria. UIPath Advanced Training

Hello everyone! I did not pass the test although all of my items correspond to criteria in the additional info. Could you help me, please

Some of the error messages returned are not helpful. The main points I’ve seen failures are

  • Hard-coded values not in Config file
  • Making sure that logging in is done through Orchestrator credentials and not the Windows Vault
  • Making sure that exactly the specified workflows requested in the criteria are met

You can also boost your score by using solutions rather than adding activities to perform tasks. For example, you can build a datatable without using the Build Datatable activity. The scoring gives you more points for this.

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Could you please tell more details for better understanding. Did you followed all steps mentioned in walk through document and did this assignment or not ?

Status: Completed
Comment: Uploaded with uploadID
Filename: f. e. Yearly-Report-2017-[DE456232].xlsx
Excel contains available month data.

What can I do?


Remove this square brackets and then try.

sadly it didn’t help. are there some more tips?


Could you record the video for 1 or 2 transactions completely and share video with me. So that I can check and help you.

i’ve edited my performer, but still can’t pass. please, can somebody find an error in my work

hi. I’m very sorry to bother but I’ve run out of ideas. my program works perfectly, but I get 0/100. here is the video. what’s wrong with that?


Now everything seems correct only. Could you check comments provided by them where it is getting failed. You can find the same in assignment evaluation page and also check processed item status in ACME site whether all items processed successfully or not.

  1. Don’t reset ACME before uploading assignment for evaluation.
  2. And also use same credentials for both Academy and ACME site.
  3. You need to zip both dispatcher and Performer process and then upload the zip file.
  4. Don’t hard code any values in the process.

thank you so much. I’m so stupid, comment did’t contain the whole id. it missed 4 symbols. anyway I appreciate your help

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