Assignment2 Clean Up - What its supposed to do

I am trying to work on assignment 2 , When I go through walkthrough PDF, its mentioned in init state to create sequence with delete and create directories .Not understanding why these are required? and what values should be given in path for these activites.

Can anyone help to understand


Actually in this assignment, we will download report for each month and will merge it for each vendor id and then will store it in one particular folder. So for this, bot will do clean up first for already existing files and then will start processing.

So we need to create Temp folder under data folder in order to run?

Note: If temp folder doesnt exist it throw error at delete activity


If folder doesn’t exist then BOT will create it.

Or you can check with path Exists activity and select path type as folder and pass folder path and it will give output as Boolean value. If it is true then delete it else doesn’t.


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