Assignment1 System1_ComputedHashCode - Select Item issue

hi everyone, need your kind help here, I followed the instruction on how to set up the Select Item but still unable to select a value and complete the process.

this is what I have so far…

“message”: “System exception. Retry: 0. Cannot select item. It was not found among existing items.\nTIP: Some combo-boxes delay load items until its dropdown is expanded. Try to simulate a click on control prior to selecting an item. at Source: Invoke System1_ComputedHashCode workflow: Select item ‘BUTTON’”,
“level”: “Warning”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “10:08:09”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6889.18185”,
“fileName”: “SetTransactionStatus”,
“jobId”: “f0137cf8-6559-42b3-9385-c9394bb09ef6”,
“robotName”: “LocalMachine”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”,
“logF_TransactionStatus”: “ApplicationException”,
“logF_TransactionNumber”: “1”,
“logF_TransactionID”: “825805”,
“logF_TransactionField1”: “”,
“logF_TransactionField2”: “”

System1_ComputedHashCode.xaml (8.3 KB)

thanks everyone and have a great day! :slight_smile:

oh never mind, it’s the value of my in_NewStatus, I accidentally set it to ‘Complete’ instead of ‘Completed’! Now Assignment 1 is done!

Thank you all for your patience in helping me! :smiley:

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