Assignment1: Failure due to HASHCODE ERROR

Hello Team

I have submitted my first assignment and there are couple of concerns I need to address here
•There were 20 items and 17 items were completed
•After the 2nd,13th and 18th items, I got the following error and the respective items were not processed
A.Go Back: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
B.Invoke GetHashCode workflow: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call
to a COM component

My question is
•Why this error happened only for 3 items not for others

FYI, I’m using IE Explorer

Sorry to make it long.I fixed a lot of bugs but this one on hashcode stuff keeps recurring

Your help would be highly appreciated

Hi @gorahul

From which activity you are getting this error?

Have you tried unit testing the get hash code workflow for those three items to see why it is happening? This might help you figure out what exactly is going wrong also try the debug mode by adding some break points. This way you could see what values get assigned to the variables while executing.

Let know how it goes…

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Hello Mate

Im getting this code on the workflow for getting the hashcode

It never occurred while I ran that particular workflow independently which is what surprising

By code,I meant error*

I just found the error of hashcode is happening at GetHash workflow and the “Get Full Text” element
It work at time and gives error at time, pretty unstable. Checked the selector and it is fine but not sure why this is happening
Any thoughts about this?

Hello Mate
It worked and I cleared the exam too; It was some explorer issue
Thanks for your help

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