Assignment Waiting for evaluation (3 days)

Hello guys,

I submitted the wrong file on the Assignment no. 2 of the Level 3 - Advanced Training for evaluation 3 days ago, and my status is still waiting for evaluation.

I’ve already asked UiPath Academy’s support to cancel this one, but 2 days have gone by, and I haven’t received any response.

In this meantime, I’ve reset the test data and created a new queue.

Can anyone help me?

welcome to uipath community
Kindly wait for few more hours for our uipath academy team if any ticket been raised
even you will be getting your evaluation back in academy and then you will be able to upload your new workflow

my best wishes
Cheers @Joao.Matsomoto

you will get a mail from Team
and you just have to refresh the page it won’t take longer than 10 minutes

See below notification on the evaluation tool:

As mentioned above please wait for the process to complete and you should be good soon.
You should not reset your data once you submit the process as it will give you unexpected result.

Since you have already done it please upload again and you shud be good.

Thank you very much for the fast responses. I was wondering if submitting the wrong file could have aggravated the issue.

So far, nothing has changed, but I hope they can solve it by the end of the day.

Hey guys,

Thank you very much for your support. My assignment has been evaluated, and I was able to move forward on my learning path.

Have a nice day.