Assignment Status Failed

I had submitted my assignment 2 to 3 times but It is being rejected always I don’t know why?
As the assignment is running completely on my desktop.

Hi @Nishesh

Maybe you can share some screenshot if you have to see what error ?

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Hello @Nishesh

What’s the message that you get?

Check how many are correct and complete in the reject summary that you see…

You’ll have total items, completed items, and correct items… see whether every item is completed accurately as they have mentioned.


The message which I get is that :-
Total Items: 20 Completed Items: 2 Correct Items: 1


Out of 20 items, it seems only two items got to the completed status, and only 1 was processed correctly.

Make sure in your dataset, every processed item is updated to completed status in the work item update window. Additionally, Check why those are not getting processed correctly. The flow might seems to be fine, but check the data to make sure whether everything got updated properly…


ok I check it. Thanks.