Assignment Number 2 Generate Yearly Report - Issue in Selecting Vendor Tax ID selector


I am trying to build process to extraction Vendor Tax Id for all WIID where Type = WI4 in workitems on Acme website (part of Assignment number 2)

In this process, I need to go on the specific WIID page and capture Vendor Tax Id information, and capturing the selector for the element where Vendor Tax Id is present as shown in picture below:

Selector: “html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘ACME System 1 - Work Items’ /><webctrl idx=‘1’ tag=‘P’ /”

Strangely, this selector is not providing value for this page, instead it is providing value for the previous page where all Work Items were present together resulting in out which is indicated by red box in below picture:

It looks it captures text from previous page, if I forcefully close it (using Alt +F4 as hotkey), the next page loses the login information, and lands up on the home page seeking info for login.

Please suggest right approach.


you may have missed a navigate to workitemsdetails step somewhere