Assignment no.1 few question

Hi all,
i’ve two question about the assignment no.1 dispatcher on uiacademy
This is the instruction, if i need to check if there is the next page, at first run the variable in_TransactionNumber must be 2, or not? So it’s right to assign in_TransactionNumber value 1 and then assign in_transactionNumber + 1 to a variable called nextPage and put nextPage into the selector?


Next thing, if i must assign out_TransactionItem to in_TransactionNumber (the current page), i have to change variable type out_TransactionItem from QueueItem to a Int32 type? Is correct?



up please

Yes @andreus91
you are right …go ahead


@andreus91, you don’t need to check for the second page or the next page if you extract data table using data scraping right? for that, you don’t need to find out if there is another page exists or not.

  1. Don’t change the type of variables in the framework so that it will affect some other workflow . if you want to, you can create a new variable globally and use it for all the requirements
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@HareeshMR Why not?

i’ve followed the instructions but now out_TransactionItem is a string not initialized, so at first run is NOTHING, so don’t enter in condition, if i put IS NOTHING enter only at first run, how can i fix this?

You can do the check as well, but my question is, it will complicate the process and that is not the case in automation right? :slight_smile:

I’m just saying that, try to make the process easy.

If you want to learn how the process works, then it will be fine. Go ahead.

You want to enter for the first time or for all the runs?

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I don’t know very well how can i simplify the project, i want to do it by following the instructions of academy.


You want to enter for the first time or for all the runs?

I want to enter until there is page to process.

That was a great thought @andreus91. Please go ahead and follow the instructions to get it completed in the first attempt itself.

and for the question,

transaction item is something which is checking whether there is a value in the queue or not. but not the page item. so you need to use another if loop and a new variable entirely new thing besides the framework.

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Ok, thanks for your patience. i’ve just complete the dispatcher, but when i run file return no more transaction, i don’t know how i can loop trough the cycle.

Have you added the items in the queue and then retrieving them using the activities?

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Yes, in the process framework

But i think the problem is in GetTransactionData framework, maybe i use io_TransactionData? How can i use this? Thx

Please check the orchestrator whether they are added to the queue or not @andreus91?

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No because never enter in process framework

Does data scraping is not working even for the first page? @andreus91. Have you checked why it is not entering? and if possible attach the process workflow which you have to scrape the data

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can i attach you the xaml file to check?

Yes please @andreus91 :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i really appreciate