Assignment-getting 0/100

Hi there,
I submitted my assignment 2. can someone tell me why im getting 0/100 although my workflow runs just fine. im attaching my workflow here. and the screenshot of the instructor comments. (517.9 KB)

You need to follow few things here @Abinayaab

  1. Reset the test data before starting the workflow
  2. Make sure work items status are completed
  3. Do not reset the data until the evaluation is done
  4. and the value from sha1 is uploaded successfully

@Abinayaab - So best and easy thing you can do is try to run the same project in different system by doing this you will know if there is any hardcode variable or path in your config or your system exist which have to remove.
Make sure you are using REF. I am not going to see the project because I will make the necessary changes and will just tell which I think is not a good approach if you are in learning phase.


I made the silliest mistake guys. I didnt give my academy credentials here, which is why I think the instructor notes said everything is empty. However, I corrected that and submitted it. Well, I cleared it. Thanks for your help.:relaxed: