Assignment Evaluation Stuck

Completed my Level 3 Assignment 1 and uploaded it a few hours ago but it is still showing as “Waiting for evaluation”. It’s been stuck at this status the whole time.
I have logged out and back in a number of times, refreshed the page multiple times, cleared browser cache etc etc but to no avail. Also sent a message to support but no response so far and I don’t know what sort of time lines they run on.
Any idea on what else I can do to get this sorted out?


Yes there is some problem with academy site and Uipath team working on this. Could you please wait some time and then check it.

In typical IT problem fashion, the instant that you posted your reply to me, my assignment grading came through! I should have expected that to happen really :slight_smile:

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You got the assignment result ?

Yes, I got an email informing me that the evaluation had completed literally seconds after you posted your forum reply to me! :smiley:


Hello everyone,

I am experiencing the same issue. Any idea on how I can get this fixed?

It’s been a while since I’m stuck with the message “Waiting for evaluation”.