Assignment: Calculate Client Security Hash log the number of transactions

Hello, in the exercise of the Assignment: Calculate Client Security Hash is asking in the get_transactions to log the number of transactions and then make an if.
How can I do this?

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are you talking about this?


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Hey @ricardottsilva

Kindly explain more on your query please


I think so,
the part of the exercise is this one: “invoke the workflows used to navigate to the Work Items page and extract the DataTable.
Filter the DataTable using a FilterDataTable activity or the Select method to keep only the items with the Type WI5 and the Status Open. Log the total number of transactions.
Use an If activity to assign the correct value to the Transaction Item if the Transaction Number is lower or equal to the number of available transactions, or assign Nothing to the TransactionItem if the Transaction Number exceeds the number of available transactions.”

I already invoke an workflow that has an outout data table and I don’t know how to log the transactions and make the filter and if activity.


yep, then you can use the screen that i shared above


Hi thanks for your help. But I’m have an error.

I did a workflow where I extract data from a web page to a data table

And then I have an error in the filter

This is my workflow where goes extract data from web page to a data table. Do I need bulid a data table ?

put a breakpoint in the filter activity, and see if your dt is getting the data properly

Thanks everyone. It works :slight_smile:

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