Assignment 3

hi chandu!
i completed the workflow but the thing is when i use to run the main its stopping at the point of work item
for ur ref i attach the screenshot.

& also i attach the zip file of assignment 3 , i couldn’t find what mistake would have did , after did debug too :frowning: please help me to complete this! (922.8 KB)

my dispatcher dont ve any issue its working fine , any how for a ref i attach dispatcher her (1.2 MB)

hey @naveen19

What i see in the screenshot is, the URL which is being accessed in the workflow.
The URL is incomplete.

Upon downloading your project, i found out the same case.
You are not passing ‘in_System1URL’ Argument to System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails.xaml workflow.

The URL of a work item should be: ACME System 1 - Log In
What you are hittting is just: “work-items/123456” which is invalid

You have to pass the “” string in the arguments.

I did not try this, but this is what the issue you are facing.

Do let me know if something else arises.


sure let u know once i did

bro i have passed in invoke workflow of WIDetails like in the part of in_System1URL value as in_config("System1URL).tostring
is this invalid ?
am i want to pass in WIDetails workflow itself?
bro please check me and say other than this what should i change without help struggling

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