Assignment 3 failed, can any 1 tell me where i am wrong (1.1 MB)

i dont know why the hash value is not getting enterd in new comment

Hi @Atul7666
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Could you post a screenshot of your workflow where its failing?

i have attached my all framework above.
the program is running perfect.

in comment it is not pasting the hash code. if i test it by entering manual argument it works.
i checked with write line command in get hash code work flow its capturing the value.
i have checked the in and out argument as well.

it select completed and click the button update value.
i am using IE.

and second in the last i get one more error.
ie: error index was out side the bounds of the array.

Can you try debugging with the option ‘Highlight Elements’ enabled and see what happens when you come across the type into activity?

it select the textbox

Did it type a comment in?


But if i enter some thing in argument then it enter the same value and working.

during run time its not entering the value.

It sounds like your missing an import somewhere.

Can you double check all your invoke workflow activities to assure you are importing the needed data?

i have checked the argument as well as variables. it seems perfect.


its taking the manual value during testing.

my value fron get hash code is not getting reflected in update work item flow

hi nlee,

I have been doing this from 1 week and i got to know that the value from gethashcode flow is not getting reflected in update work item flow.

i update work item i defined the write line includung in_comment but it was totally blank while executing the write line activity.

i cross checked and found that the value is there in get hashcode flow.

please le me know where i have done mistake to import the argument from gethashcode to update item.

Did you set the out argument in the gethashcode flow?