Assignment 3 Element Appear Error

So i am getting an error when i am just running the process workflow
for click i have used :- See the SS

For On Element appear i have used :- See the SS

I have read every other thread similar to this topic still no success also i have set Repeat Forever to false below is the screenshot of my flow

AND Thank you for your help have a great day ahead


*Please try without using SimulateClick and SendWindow Messages, also including the list tag.

*If the Element Appear activity is defined inside a browser scope, it’s not necessay to define a full selector.
*The error you are getting seems to be some problem with your variable. If your resultant datatable is not initialized, just do it by giving it’s default value as “New System.Data.DataTable”.
Also, execute the workflow in debug mode and anlyse local pane to verify the values of variables in each step.

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for data scraping you don’t need to do this, use data scraping wizard and set the count to 0 and when it asked to scrape data from multiple page give yes and indicate next element on that. That will take acre of everything which you are trying to achieve this.

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@nimin @Divyashreem first of all thank you for helping me

@nimin i copied your selector for the on element appear and now a new timeout exceed error is making the workflow stop
@Divyashreem yes i know what i did is i removed the on element appear and ran the program now all my data is in queue i want to know what is the use of ON Element Appear in this scenario

Thank You

if you want to use you can use selector of next element for on element appear, hence until next button appears on screen your bot will be trying fetch the data, if you use data scraping you don’t need to use on element appear

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OK @Divyashreem Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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