Assignment 3 Challenge 1

Hi All,
I AM DOING THE UIPATH assignment 3 challenge 1 calculate the security code
i have done all the settings but when i try to execute the program i am getting the following error

Can someone help me ???

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Hello friend,
So the problem you are facing is that you are opening Chrome browser, but you made your workflow work with Internet Explorer (from what i can see in the exception and the selector).


Hi Friend,

Thanks for responding.
I checked all the selectors, everything seems fine to me, and browser type is IE.
I am not able to find where i am wrong. :frowning:
When i run System1_Login by passing the URL and ACME_Credential variable from Orchestrator it run successfully, You can check in the screenshot

But when i run from Main file i am getting the above error. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

can you share the file (or zip ) ? (1.1 MB)
Here i have uploaded the zip file

From what i can see you did not map anything to the in Arguments?

I passed the value
Still i am not able to get the results :zipper_mouth_face:

pls, try to Config.xls file

Sorry i didn’t understand
What you want me to do?

Already did


Did ,
Still getting the same error :tired_face::tired_face:
Do i need to do this change anywhere else? (1.8 MB)

Here, take my project, and see where yours is different.