Assignment 2 Yearly Report - ExtractVendorInfo error

i have some trouble with the workflow ExtractVendorInformation.xaml in assignment 2 “Yearly Report”. In my understandness the workflow should reat the TaxID from the workitems-page through the WIID. But it seems the workflow doesen’t work correctly. The output of the write line box is not the tax ID, but only the text on the work-item page (marked yellow).
What is wrong ? Could anybody help me?

Is your selector for ‘Get Text’ pointing to the right element? It should point to the vendor information section that contains TaxId, Name, Address & City. Use a Highlight activity having the same selector as Get Text activity and see where it highlights.

Rammohan B.

Thanks for your answer. When i run the EctractVendor.xaml with debug separately, then i receive the right tax id. But when i start the whole workflow, I retrieve only the the text on the workitem page “Please find below your work items. They need to be completed in the order specified by your manager”. It seems, the workflow does not reach the right WIID WI4. In the workflow before “NavigateToWIDetails.xaml i have the same step as described in the walkthrough. Navigate to: “in_System1URL+”/work-items/”+in_WIID.ToString"

Do you have any other browser opened at the same time, check that where that text has been written which will help you find out the bug. I think the selector is same for both texts

Hi, I guess the problem is in the NavigateToWorkItemDetails.xaml. As you can see the the workflow before read the right WI4 queue-item (yellow marked) from Orchestrator. But the number is on page 2 of the work-items list How can i navigate to the second page. I have only the the WIID but not the page number. Nothing is described in the walkthrough.
I recorded the step, because with attach Browser the selector is difficult.
This is my NavigateToWorkItem from Assignment “HashCode”.

you do not need to have the recording sequence in this. Manual would work and is better

Ok, thanks. I try this without the recording. Do you have a hint regarding the navigation problem with the WIID. Retrieving of Orchestrator queue WIID works, but navigate to the right page doesen’t work.

It does not matter on what page number the item is because in any case your URL would open a new page to update the work items

Thanks for your answer. The problem is solved. The selector in the wokflow workItemDetails was wrong

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