Assignment 2 VendorTaxID issue in Yearly Report

i try to complete the Assignment 2 yearly report workflow. But the workflow stucks on the VendorTaxID.
I think the problem is in the workflow Create yearly Report with the input field of TaxID. I received the right taxID with the former workflow “ExtractVendorInformation” (shown by write line Box). When i start the CreateYearlyReport workflow, the right browser window pops up to enter TaxID, year and month but the type input of TaxID doesen’t work. If i fix any TaxID as default value for the argument, the workflow works.
It seems the taxID is lost between both workflows.
Could anybody helps me ?


Did you try entering Vendortaxid with default values,…? try and see what is the behaviour

Hi @manni1271

I will have to see your arguments, but my suspicion is that you didn’t initialize your in_vendorTaxID argument with a variable when you Invoked your Create Yearly Report Workflow.

Yes, its correct, my mistake. The taxId argument was not quite correctly.
The process works fine, the yearly reports were created, but now the process stucks on workflow NavigateToDashboard. I don‘t know why. Its a simple workflow, but it could be the selector. The workflow Is used 2 times. At the first time after the vendorinfo workflow, the dashboard return workflow runs fine, after creating YearlyReport, the same report doesen‘t work and the process failed.
In the workflow are the attach browser element with click on the home button return to the dashboard.
Do you have an idea, why the process fault.

@manni1271 try examining your selector for the Attach Browser or and other Activities in your NavigateToDashboard Workflow. I think your selector needs something like title=’ * ’ in order for it to navigate to the dashboard after finishing different tasks.

Sorry, but no success. I try to use different selectors to return the work item page, But it seems nothing works. If i click on “edit selector” come the question “You need indicate the element on screen”.
I replace the name with *, but the selector doesen’t work with internet explorer.
What can i changed ?

System1_NavigateToDashboard.xaml (6.5 KB)

@manni1271 your selector for the Click Activity is probably not the problem, since it is a partial selector. Check the selector for your Attach Browser Activity again. Your selector for the Attach Browser is currently:
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='' title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report - Internet Exp' />

There is an obvious reason why this is not working, but I’m not going to catch the fish for you. Can you tell me why this selector won’t work for some pages?

Ok, in the meantime the selector is working and the whole performer process works well. How can i trim the process ? Just the workflows back to the dashboard and create yearly report work slowly.

How did you solve it? What was the selector for going back to dashboard from anywhere?