Assignment 2 _ TransactionNumber is continuously being 1


Hi Team,

I have developed the Assignment. But I am facing a little issue. The variable named “TransactionNumber” value is 1 irrespective of the requirement to change it to 2, 3, 4 etc as per the assignment requirement.
Do I have to increase it by 1 using Assign operator ourselves or there is any inbuilt solution for this in REFramework that I may be missing to use.

Kindly let me know the possible issue and/or solutions.

Thank you
Ankur Gupta


In the Processing state after finished processing, in the Finally state you have to increment the transaction number


Hi PD2,

Thank you for the solution provided.

I have a little concern in this solution, kindly correct me if I have mixed some concepts.

In case I have increment the variable “TransactionNumber” inside the Finally block of the Processing state, during execution if there was some error in the Processing state workflow in that case also finally state got executed after exception handling in catch block.
Then what happens about the MaxRetryNumber regarding retry this failed process again.

Thank you
Ankur Gupta