Assignment 2 - Taking long time to work

in ui path advanced training assignment 2 . when it select the month and year and click on the download button a pop up window will appear .if it is not available then it’ll try next month. if the report exist it’ll open save as dialog box and download the file . it works properly when the report isn’t available ,it click on OK button and change the month but when after download the file it takes long time to change the month and do other things. t doesn’t even show an error?? why is that??

Hi @Vidwa, Reduce the timeout to 1000 and try.

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Well the slowness can be over come by enabling

  1. Simulate Click
  2. Simulate Type
  3. WaitforRead to None

for those activities that you have within the months loop

After that the slowness will not be there :slight_smile:


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