Assignment 2: System exception. Retry: 1. The selector is not valid at Source: On Element Appear Correct Next Page1

Hi all, I had a post about this before, I thought I had it resolved but guess not.

I’m receiving the following error:
System exception. Retry: 1. The selector is not valid at Source: On Element Appear Correct Next Page1

Here is a screenshot of my error and my selector:

it will go through this loop multiple times. I am getting my in_TransactionItem argument and TransactionNumbers to increment but the selector does not work. As such, the page doesn’t ever change and it’s always stuck on the first page of the work items page. Any help would be great!


Can you indicate the element then try to edit the selector to make it dynamic.

I completely forgot I had this up. I’ve been able to resolve this issue, but I’ve been stuck on a separate issue for a while now.

I’m working on the performer and am in the System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow. My problem is with the click activity to click the month. I can get it to click the first time and to click after it ever gets the popup that No report found for this vendor. But if I go through the actions so saving a report, it takes a good minute or so before it will click another month and then all the other actions from then on are very slow.

If I run the workflow by itself, and not with the whole program, it runs great.

I’m not really sure what could cause that issue but here is my selector for the month button:

Is your month selector not dynamic for each month?
You are doing the process for each month and the click should be something like this:

"<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='"+item.ToString+"' parentid='searchForm' tag='A' />"

For this you can edit your selector to add new attribute aaname and then make it dynamic.

Yes the Performer performance issue.
Seems something common when doing this assignment.
Small tweaks if you have not already done it in the thread below:

Hey, that resolved that issue.

Now I’m getting a different error.

I tried to test both programs so I reset my test data in the ACME system and ran the dispatcher, then I ran the performer. When I got to the System1_NavigateToWIDetails, the URL that it was navigating to produced the error: Unauthorized: Unfortunately you are not authorized to perform this action.

I checked through the work items, and the work item that my performer is trying to work on does not exist so it seems that there is a disconnect somewhere. Any idea how to resolve this?

Did you clear your queue before you ran the dispatcher again?

That was it, I completed.

Thanks for all the help, not sure I could have completed it without your assistance!

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