Assignment 2 process.xml not working as expected

process.xml not fetching last two WI4,always stuck at page 9 and giving below error

On Element Appear ‘SPAN’: Activity timeout exceeded

I have attached process.xml for reference ,pls check and let me know where is the issueProcess.xaml (12.5 KB)

Hi @sudhakar.sharma

Can you show a screenshot of the full error that you are getting?

You can access this when you run in debug mode. As soon as it hit the error and the activity turn red, go to exception detail on the locale panel shown on your left side and show me that description

@Lahiru.Fernando thank for reply,pls find screenshot

Hi , I am able to resolve issue by using data scrapping next page click property so i read all WI4 at once instead of going next page in gettrancation.xml/ I have set global variable which set after scanned all page by datascapping.