Assignment 2 performer/System1_CreateYearlyRepor selector error

hello guy’s
I have a problem with a selector i guess …can someone help me out( or maybe someone had the same problem and got any solution) with/for this problem .I’ve been attached an screenshot with the error .
Thanks :slight_smile:

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welcome to uipath community
–first selector is with CLICK activity on LOG OUT Option,
for that make sure that log out button is clicked within a attach browser activity if its a browser or within attach window activity if its a application

–second selector issue is with the SAVE AS option
kindly check once whether the SIMULATE click property of click option is enabled or either the send window message property is enabled
–and set the waitforready property as Complete in the click activity

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Amarna

This might be your problem that may be causing subsequent failures. You are passing a value to the string function that is larger than the string you are trying to process.

Hello! i have the same problem with this selector.
I am trying in IE, first click opens the drop down list (to save csv file), but the selector for the second click (save as) does not work, it does not validate. I have enabled the simulate click property. The send window mesage cannot be enabled in the same time. Waitforready is Complete. Any other thoughts?


Please compare the selector that you get the first time with the one that you get the second time.
The numeric values in your selector may not be the same each time.