Assignment 2 out_TransactionItem is empty



I am doing assignment 2 from advanced rpa and I am stuck at GetTransactionData. Always out_TransactionItem is evaluated as Nothing. In the if condition it always enters in Else thus ending the execution. What is the correct condition in if? Or maybe what I am doing wrong?

No transaction data, level 3, assignment 2

You need to have this Attach Browser sequence before the if condition. It should not be in if condition “If new item is fetched Grab…”. Put it before this if

No transaction data, level 3, assignment 2

Hi @prankurjoshi

can u please attach screenshot, I am not understanding how the flow should work


did it work for you ?



It should be like this



thank you…


hi @prankurjoshi

where I should put this “If a new Item is fetched Grab it’s significant data for logging” condition, and what I should put in if-then condition




I have put like this, is it correct…


Thats is correct


Hi @prankurjoshi

I have issue with data scrapping, it works for only one page.

I have doubt with in_Transactionumber- do we need to initialize with some number.

I gave 1



It means that value of in_TransactionNumber is not getting incremented. It should increase automatically. Try to log the value in the workflow



actually prob was at Element exists in process workflow, the property Repeatforever was set to True,

so it was failing, I updated to false. not it works.




Do we have a “Element Exists” activity in Process workflow ? Also, where do you find the “Repeatforever” property in “Element Exists” activity ?



yes, we have elelment exists activity in process, in properties panel you will find this property



Done with assignment 2, thanks for your help.