Assignment 2: No more transaction data

Yes. That is what the document says in the academy :slight_smile:


@Jan_Brian_Despi Will the process workflow remain empty?

For now, yes. :slight_smile:
Focus on the GetTransactionData first :slight_smile:



I’m facing the same issue. I think it has something to do with the element exists activity not detecting anything due to an incorrect selector.


Here is the selector of my element exists.

I’m getting this error in performer process can you help me ???

Hi @Mayur_Pawar.
Yes sure! How can I help you?


“message”: “Invoke System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow: The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements:\r\n’System1_CreateYearlyReport’: The following keys from the input dictionary do not map to arguments and must be removed: out_YearlyReportPath. Please note that argument names are case sensitive.\r\nParameter name: rootArgumentValues”,

This is the error that Im getting …

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Hi @Joshua_Salazar i’m similar issues with you but when i changed the tag to ‘SPAN’ it worked but on getting to click next page it doesn’t, you could try it out.

Hi John,

Yes it worked for me as well.

I also changed the class=‘page-numbers current’

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Oh that’s great @Joshua_Salazar.

I’m having issues with my click next activity, what did you use as the selector for your click next page?

Hi John, the selector for the click next should be dynamic. Since the transaction number loops through depending on the work item, you can use that to replace the section in the selector which has the static page number.

Done that, Thanks for the reminder.

Hi @Joshua_Salazar this is the selector i’m using for the click next page activity but it only clicks page 2 but doesn’t process it, , please help confirm if it is the right one?

Hi John,

Were you able to add a counter that adds +1 per iteration of your process?

If no, you can place an assign activity that adds +1 to Transaction number. You can place this before the click activity.

Should i do the transaction number addition in the process workflow or get transaction data workflow?

What worked for me is to place it in the process workflow. Since we’re starting at 1 for the transaction number, I placed this before the click activity so that it will click on the next page which is 2.

please check out my (3.2 KB)

I am having error “Process Finished due to no Transaction data” How to solve this

reset your data in ACME-test and then delete que that you used, and then recreate que at same name

Thank you I solved it. Another error all are showing no reports found