Assignment 2 Navigate to Dashboard after CreateYearlyReport

hi everyone, so for this one, a bit confusing for me. Where do I invoke the NavigateTo_Dashboard after CreateYearlyReport, is it inside CreateYearlyReport or I Invoke it 2nd time within the Process.xaml?

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@Twits_Rombaoa you can use a click activity ( click on home button ) for that at the end of the create yearly report workflow instead of using the same workflow.its quite simple

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add it to your process xaml:

Hi Nadim, does that mean, we will have 2 invokes of NavigateTo_Dashboard within the Process, because there’s already one after the ExtractVendorInformation.

Extract vendor is for Client Security Hash assignment.
Your are doing assignment 2, right?

yes, the ExtractVendorInformation is to get the TaxID

This part is not in this assignment. that was for the first assignment.
Here you should be downloading monthly and uploading yearly reports.

No TaxID

hmmm, this is in the Performer part of Assignment 2 Walkthrough…

and that TaxID, is writing in the Vendor TaxID field…

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Ok, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Yes, then after extract it comes back to home and then goes to the create yearly report

ok but is it confirmed, I have to invoke the Dashboard twice from the Process?

let me explain, once yo get the Taxid, you comeback to home page to navigate to the download monthly report
then once that is done you have to navigate back to home page to upload the yearly report

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Thank you @nadim.warsi, @PrankurJoshi and the rest of you all! So much help I got here. I passed the Advanced Training! :smiley:


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