Assignment 2 level 3



Hi all,

I have built the performer and will run smoothly for about 3-5 transactions and then hang no errors are given and thr process will restart I have tried speeding up the process by making dynamic selectors and setting the wait for ready to none but I have had no luck

If I reset my test data it won’t do thr first transaction but will then carry on with the rest

Can anyone please assist me with this problem


I hope its working as expected :slight_smile:


There was one transaction that did not go through


great! re-run it and it should be good


I got 85%:grin::grin::grin:


passed :slight_smile: congrats!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :beers::beers:


Time for a beer :beer::beers::rofl:


hahah cheers!!! happy early weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing though.
Close this and the other thread marking the answer as a solution.
Add your reply if no replies helped solve and make that reply as a solution. :slight_smile:


Will do thanks Nadim :+1:


one question how do i close them do i just delete them ?


I did not understand. And you solution does not mark the correct reply.