Assignment #2 level 3

Has anyone solved this yet? I’ve gone through many post on the forum and still no luck finding one for this problem. I am using Studio 2019.10.0-beta.484 having Issues passing level 2.

First- My Queue is showing 0 remaining but when I click into the View transactions option all of my transactions with my WIID are inside. My performer seems to be working correct, would this be the reason for receiving a 0/100 when submitting? Not sure if this is what is causing the incorrect items or if its something in my performer.

Second- I keep getting Total Items: 15 Completed Items: 15 Correct Items: 0

  • Yearly upload files contain headers
  • Sample File Name; Yearly-Report-2018- DE763212
  • All WI4 are marked as complete and contain
  • Sample Comment: Uploaded with ID aee871ced4898b33e7558d649c365afe
  • WI5 from previous assignment 1 are complete

Can someone please help?


Hi, if you are sure that your workflow is complete…

Do the following :slight_smile:
Run the whole bot while recording the session while the bot is in execution… Record the screen option is available in the submit assignment… It will surely help you out :slight_smile:

Quick question: are you using the orchestrator? If yes, kinda strange as you are not updating the status of the Orchestrator? Are you using the Default Re-Framework ?

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The first issue that you are telling with the remaining transactions is not a problem.
Until you refresh the orchestrator it shows the remaining transactions zero even after adding to the queue. Because of this reason the score is not zero.

Please make sure the file name that you are uploading is matching with the given walkthrough document. From the given sample name, there is a space existing after the last hiphen. Please trim the name of the file to make sure no spaces are in between.

Your previous assignment is nothing to do with this assignment. Both are independent assignments.

And also check if all the queue items are set to completed.

Karthik Byggari