Assignment 2 level 3 the month selector is invalid

Use select item for selecting the month


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it didn’t work

Hi is it selecting whole drop-down option when u indicate screen in click activitiy @manal_el_maalem

No, when i click for exemple february and i edite it for dynamic selector it didn’t work also

Hi try to do in this way

  1. use a click activitiy to click the drop-down overall

  2. then use another click activitiy to select the option inside it and make it dynamic

Hope it works

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use like this.


didn’t work already use it

didn’t work thank you

Can you share the create yearly report xaml file?

System1_Create_YearlyReport.xaml (30.0 KB)

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (40.3 KB)

follow this xaml file and tell me if still getting issue.


it is given me this


Upgrade UIAutomation activity.

ok thank you but its gaving me errors plus each time i enter the VB expression of out_yearlyReportPath it get deleted automatiquely

Please match the value. Still issue ping me personally.


i didn’t get it each time i select okk they get deleted

Can you send me performer ZIP file?

thank you its solved actually for the selector we shoud choose it like attached below

for arguments this post help me Argument Value Disappears
thank you

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OK :+1:t2:

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