Assignment 2 Issue- Someone help me to show my misstake

Hi everyone,

I completed my assignment 2 in Academy. But I just got from 17 to 25/100 for my assignment.
Can anyone know how to resolve this?

Link youtube:

I seems that the change from 17 to 25 is just random, caused by the change in your data set.
It is not possible to deduce anything from your YouTube video unfortunately. My best guess is, that you are either missing some data or that you don’t correct each report correctly.

Firstly, I run and uploaded .zip file to website and got 17/100
Then I recorded video and got 25/100

I checked carefully in my records in and everything is success, no error

Chinh Le

Did you reset your data between uploads?

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sorry my bad,
I didn’t run all of data select (damm ulti 12 records)

I found my misstake

Glad you found the error.