Assignment 2: Generate Yearly Report For Vendor (cant find file path)

hello everyone,
when the program download the report i get this error

i found that the file is not saved with the same name

but when the program runs it save the file with the right name but as you can see in the photo above it did not saved with the right name
as you can see when the program save the file the right name is given
how can i fix this ?

hi @Abdulkader_Sandouka1

Use Path exists
and check t he file path based on if condition

do the manipulations

Ashwin S

hi @AshwinS2 and thank for your response,

the problem is here

when i do it manually it works but when the program does it every thing seems perfect and it type the right name and click save but when i check the file name in the folder i found that its deffrent and its very strange considring that i saw the program type the right name and click save.

i found the solution in here

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