Assignment 2: Failed 0/100


I have the same issue as a lot of other people seem to have experienced: on Assigment 2 of Advanced training (Generate Yearly Report) i fail 0/100 even though every thing seems correct. This is the result I am getting:

I have done everything correctly:

  1. Reset Test Data
  2. Clear your queue items or create a new one with same name deleting the previous
  3. Run Dispatcher
  4. Run performer
  5. Verify that the queue, the yearly reports and the WI4 are correct and set to completed
  6. Uploaded ZIP

Please can anyone help me finish this. Have been stuck at this for days now.

when you submit, you should not reset the the ran data
check weather you are following the order or the xaml naming or arguments naming is correct or not

Try uploading the recorded file and don’t reset data after that @av_00… and if that doesn’t work, you can contact the support team

I haven’t reset the data after I submit

Contacted Tech Support now. Hopefully they can help.

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We have lot of topics for the same, but it will be resolved soon. Hope you will join the Robot Master community soon @av_00

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Sorry, don’t understand what you mean by this

When you start the exam , you need to follow the steps mentioned correctly

All of the XAML names and arguments are correct

I have noticed a fault in my program and would appreciate if someone knows how to fix this:

When the Confirmation ID code is copied in the Get Text-activity (in System1_UploadYearlyReport), it misses one letter at the start of the ID. So it copies everything correctly except for the missing first letter/number.

This is what it looks like:

I think the issue could be the colon punctuation, will try without.

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