Assignment 2 Evaluation not yet validated

Hi guys,

Yesterday i have submitted Assignment 2 training in academy. But still it was showing as waiting for evaluation. Uploaded 24 hours ago.


Good job for making it to the Generate Yearly Report Assignment! :smiley::raised_hand:

What type of file did you sent? Did you reset the acme-uipath? Did you send both your dispatcher and performer?

Similar to your post: Level 3 - Advanced Training_Ceritification

It means that there must really be an issue with the Uipath training.


I have submitted Generate_Yearly_Report_DispatcherAndPerformer Processes.


Did you submit a folder with both processes? a text file or a video of your solution?
Make sure you do not reset your test data. The reset data is part of validating your processes :grinning:


both files in one folder and Zipped.

Usually it takes a maximum of 3 days for the Uipath team to validate your file submission. You can wait for 3 days if you’re ok with it.

Second option is to resend your zipped folder containing both your dispatcher and performer processes and then wait for the evaluation.

Another option is to reset your test data and rerun your processes. Double-check in your Orchestrator if all queue item have been successfully process :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks for Info. let me run once again from my end and i will submit it same again.

Thank you

Remember to reset your test data so you wont repeat your entire process on previous data :smiley::+1:

make sure reset test data and then run right?


Yes, you are right. Reset the test data then run your dispatcher first and then your perfomer after :grinning::+1:

Done and one more thing i have submitted so it was showing Waiting for evaluation. If i try to re submit it link was not there at the end like"Re submit". So what should i do?

Can you send me a screenshot of the “submit” page?

and by the way,

This is another link with a similar issue on resubmission of file for Level 3:


If it’s alright with you, try waiting it out for a while. Give the evaluation team 2-6 hours since they must be working on some internal matters with the training or acme-uipath.

This must be a hassle in your part.

I really hope the Uipath team can resolve the issue with resubmission. In my opinion, I guess we do not have a resubmit button due to factors on test data and programs used for validation.

Please do update us here when you can access your “submit button” :grinning: to help others with your similar problem

Sure Bro.
Thank You

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i submitted on saturday still it showing waiting for evaluation


You’re not alone on this issue, try waiting between 2-6 hours to check if you have passed the evaluation. If not, the submit button will reappear so you can submit again


Please do wait a bit, if you pass you dont need to upload again :grinning:

I got update but i got failed. there it showing Completed items1 , correct items 1.
before submitting assignment in academy Acme system should be Retest it once and then submit or no no need to restest it before submitting.