Assignment 2 error with Save Drop-Down

As seen in the attached image, I keep getting the same error every time it starts processing transaction number 2 (the second TaxID). The issue is with clicking the drop down arrow next to the save button. I am confused because the selector works perfectly with the first transaction. Maybe someone can help me with my selector. Thanks!

Hi @jlev11

check this screenshot it will help you


Kommi Jeevan.

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Hi @jlev11

For your Click Save arrow the selectors look fine, use wildcards if possible. For click dropdown, open the UI explorer to indicate the element and as soon as you indicate the drop down from Save, press F2 and click on Save as. This will give you the selectors that you need

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this. However, I only seem to have a problem once the first transaction is completed, even after I update the selector with UiExplorer. Any ideas here?

Thank you for your reply. However, it’s having an issue clicking the drop down arrow in the first place. And only after the first transaction. Thanks.

Can you share the selector for target month? Also, can you share a screenshot of the for each loop?

Here are screenshots of my workflow (or at least the beginning part with the for each month loop)

Here is the selector for the target month:

Not sure how it would effect the bot from finding the drop down arrow next to the save button.
But perhaps you know. Thanks.


Hi, try this :point_down:

Alright, the selector for months look fine. Can you try and move type into tax id and click year into the for each loop? Let me know if it works any better?

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