Assignment 2 Error (Cant Reach This Page Error)

So i have completed my Assignment 2 and when i run my workflow its gives me this error

My internet is working fine and its not an Network issue (From my side)
I am trying to run this program for days now and everytime i run after 1 or 2 Tax ids it gives me thiss error I am stuck and cant do anything

Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:

check the urls in debug mode right when this happens

possibly its navigating to an incorrect url

great but… you didnt find the cause… try to figure out the root cause as you might get stuck on something similar in future

Ofcourse im still finding it(Right now working on it) and will not start anything new unless and until i find the cause of this error.
there are two possiblities i think may cause this error i am currently testing both possibilites.

Thanks @neonova