Assignment 2 empty datatable and keeps on looping

hi Prankur, I found the culprit, it’s the Simulate Click for my Click Activity, it MUST be UNCHECK :slight_smile:
now before I set this to fixed, may I ask if this is the correct behavior…

after Transaction 1 is completed, page 2 is clicked and then the robot goes through 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 pages again…
after Transaction 2 is completed, page 3 is clicked and then the robot goes through 3,4,5,6,7,8 pages again…
and so on…
is this correct?

No its not

  1. When Transaction one is completed it will scrape add all queue items for page one
  2. When Transaction two is completed it will scrape page 2 data and add and so on

It will scrape one page per transaction and add to queue


somehow that is the behavior of my Process.xaml, can you advise where in my workflow is this happening?

Can you attach logs of Output pane, it will be better to understand from that, and I hope it is not clicking on every page now

sorry, i’m not sure how to save the output pane content as log file, can you guide me please?

you can stretch and take a screenshot :smile:

that’s what I thought :joy:
hold on…

here’s what I have, I ran a debug to see more and it looks like it processed several items for 1 transaction.

hi @PrankurJoshi, found anything in my workflow? :slight_smile:

Did you check the Queue after program finishes? That all the items have been added to queue

yes, they were added, more than once though

You have to start fresh for the sake of testing, clear your queue and run program then verify the count.

Also log message in every workflow this will help you in pin pointing the location of the error.


Show your GetTransactionData flow print screen as well.

The log actually does not help here as you have debug enabled an it will log all activities open/close.

Are you have any workflow in InitAllApplications that scrapes all data?

hi Nadim, I only have it in the Process.xaml, nowhere else.

this For Each activity…
does it have to be inside the Do activity of my Attach Browser right after the data scraping?

by chance in your scraping did you select ‘data spans multiple pages’? and select the next page button?

In this case we should only be scraping current page


GENIUS!!! that’s the reason hahaha! thank you sooo much Nadim. :smiley:

@PrankurJoshi, thanks too for sooo patiently working with me on this one.

most appreciated your support guys! :wink:


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