Assignment-2 Dispatcher

Hi I have developed Assignment-2 Dispatcher REF. While debugging it I am facing issue
Issue: “Click ‘A https://acme-test.ui…’ Faulted”.

This issue is coming in Process.xaml in “Click Activity”. I have used below selector
Selector: “”

Can anybody please help me how I can resolve this issue.

Please post the selector you have in that click activity @aayush_singhal, If possible, try selecting the object again so that the selector will change and try to run the process

@HareeshMR Thanks for responding. Please find selector below.
I have already retried to run it but same issue
Selector: “webctrl aaname=’”+in_TransactionItem+"’ tag=‘A’"

I have tried to upload the zip of my REF but it is not allowing me to upload.

Aayush Singhal

do you have an if activity which specify if in_Transaction = “1”… that wraps around the click?

Hello Mythic, No I haven’t used any IF activity in my “Get Transaction Data Workflow”. Do I have to declare IF condition and all the activities in “Get Transaction Data Workflow” in the “THEN” part of “IF LOOP”?

Also, is TransactionNumber increment required after “Get Transaction Data Workflow” invoke workflow activity in “Get Transaction Data”?

Hi @aayush_singhal,
Please make selector properly.
“webctrl aaname=’”+ in_TransactionItem +"’ tag=‘A’"
Try this once.
Best Regards,
Pallela L E S N Rajesh.

Hi Rajesh, I am using the same selector. I have mentioned the same above. As stated I am not using if condition inside Get Transaction Data Workflow. If possible can you share your Dispatcher REF?

@aayush_singhal Make sure use spaces between Variables(In_TransactionItem).
It will work.

Yes, you need an if activity to specify the first page u scrape, else, it wont work because your were already loaded the first page and there is no need to click on page 1, and thus, the selector is non-existent. ^^check your process transaction workflow