Assignment 2 (Dispatcher) Error in Processing Transactions

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to figure out why my workflow isn’t processing the first transaction and it doesn’t properly log out at the end of extracting the data and instead it gives a “Click A” error. I’ve attached examples below as well as my workflow.

Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher (2).zip (1015.0 KB)

@Dmtrs You need to provide a Dynamic Selector for that Click Activity


I have my selector as dynamicselector on the click activity.

It still isnt processing correctly. It doesn’t start processing transaction 1

Value of your dynamic selector (above the IF statement) should be - “”

Check if that’s right.

It still doesn’t work. That only creates an error for the Element On Appear.

Hi @Dmtrs,

Replace Dynamic selector value by

Its still missing the first transaction.