Assignment 2 Create Yearly Report problem for 2nd run

Hi there, Im currently working on my assignment 2(level 3). I’m having issues with my performer. Where when I run my performer once it updates the first WI4 details. It take very long to choose my 2nd WI4 Tax ID. Once it’s done slowly, when it comes to download my report. my robot it unable to click on “Save As”. But there wasn’t any issues when it was on my first run to download the report for my first WI4 Tax ID. Kindly help me out of this error please.

hello @vini93
any error you get ?please send error details or screenshot of error
for error see output panel


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Hi @sandeep13

  1. once my work item is updated with the uploadID during my first run, it takes minutes to navigate to the following WI4 TaxID. All my process after that takes minutes from one click to another click.