Assignment 2 cannot pass UploadID to update work item

it can read upload id from Upload yearly report, but couldn’t pass the uploadID to main file and to update work item.

Please help.

Can you post the properties of the “Get Text ‘Static’”?


Could you please run the workflow in debug and find where it is getting failure.

And also you hard coded the value for ‘New_Status’ and please don’t do this thing. May be it will cause to fail this assignment at the evaluating it.

Hi @damonyl

here instead of passing the out_upload argument value to another argument of type IN/OUT, send it to a variable in process workflow named upload_var of type string and pass that variable as a value to argument comment in updateworkitem.xaml

That would work for sure buddy
CHeers @damonyl

Hi @nlee1131 i can capture the uploadID in here, but cant pass the uploadID to main file and to “updateWorkItem”

@lakshman if according to normal run, wont give me failure, just cannot pass the variable uploadID.

will try debug in a bit.

for “New_Status” has to be “Completed” right?

hi @Palaniyappan, i have changed to variable but still cant work

as i use message box to test if can catch, but failed


Yes you are right but we don’t hard code anything in our workflow.

Just use two click activities and one is for clicking that drop down menu and another one is for selecting completed from drop down list.

When you were running the application where did it break in the proccess.xaml?

@lakshman personally prefer my way of method, whereas whenever i want to change the status to something else, i just need to change status but dont need all the way to go to website to indicate the value again


If you want then you can do it. No problem.

Am suggesting you, if you do it like this then there will be chances like you will get fail in this assignment.


And also no need to indicate again and again. We have to make selector dynamic for second click Activity.

thanks for all replies! i found out my own mistaken, as where my out_uploadID is in both variable and argument, and system use variable out_uploadID, so cannot be transferred out to somewhere else.

and i have passed my assignment 2. thanks!

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but if using code in UiPath, all i need just change few words in argument

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