Assignment 2 - Bot decrease speed at the last step for no reason

Hi all!

I’m facing a strange behavior of my bot during the accomplishment of the second assignment (generate a yearly report). For no reason, my bot decreases his speed every time at the same step.

At the last step, when my bot should update the first Work Item pieces of information at “.com/work-items/update/xxxxxx” (image attached) It takes 4 minutes to “type into” my validation ID, 2 minutes to set the update as “completed” and it fails when the bot want to push the update button. It should take something like 5 seconds.

I tried on another computer, the same result. I tried different work item and it’s again the same thing.

I follow the walkthrough.PDF so I think that I have no need to share my flow.

Can someone help me with this, please?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Please set wait for ready to None in the properties panel of activities.
For selecting (drop down list item), clicking buttons etc.,


Thank you, it works! So there is a reason :slight_smile:

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