Hi All,
I Just came across an issue in doing the assignment 2 Uipath advanced certification(YEARLY REPORT GENERATION).
Whenever I try to upload the yearly report excel in the upload yearly report section
I am getting an popup with some HTML content instead of Confirmation ID.
Attached the Screenshot for reference.
Is any one else experiencing the same issue?

Hi @663910,
Please generate new work items data and check if the problem is still.

Do you mean by Reset the test data?
if so, I tried doing that too

If it’s possible please also check if you have enabled “Compatibility Mode” in IE. Also please try to reset cookie and cache.
I tested it in Chrome and IE. Seems that all is working fine:


I tried clearing the cache too
even I registered again with an new mail ID still I am getting the same issue
and it works fine for my colleagues too
Have anyone faced this issue?

It looks like internal problem of your IE browser. You can also try to check it in chrome browser but you need to edit your workflow for it and install Chrome extension for browser.

We tried in Chrome too
if it works manually then we can go with the workflow changing part