Assignment 1 | UiPath Calculate client security hash

Hi Everyone.,

i am doing assignment 1 UiPath Calculate client security hash on my own, by seeing videos and guide lines im upto filtering the data, and uploading to the queue. finished with init setting and init applications.

now its about transaction stage… what to do in that. in some instrauvtion they i have to extarct WIID by using syntax -"out_Transactionitem.specificcontent(“WIID”)

But im not getting where to put it, in re framework.

next i need to navigate to specific work item.

i struck in that im trying from over a week, can some one pl help.

navigate activity it shows WIID not declared, i dono where to declare it.

pl help.

HI @naveen.dsn

Before addressing your scenario, just let me give you a small explanation of the REFramework which might help you.

INIT State

This is where the project is initialized. So basically, all the workflows that are related to login, and navigation to the location page where we need to do processing is done here. In other words, Init is a state where we make the application ready for the processing to start in Get Transaction Data and Process data states.

Get Transaction Data

By the time you get here, your application should be ready for processing. In this state, we take one record at a time to process. So if its a queue item, we get one item from the queue and pass that to the “Out_TransactionItem” argument so that it can be passed to the Process state. If its a record that comes from a datatable, again its the same procedure. Get one row, and assign it to the out parameter.

Process state

This is where you do the entire processing for each record that is passed by the Get Transaction Data state.

So basically, Get Transaction Data and Process runs in kind of a loop until all the records are processed.

So, getting back to your question…

So you mentioned, that you have added the records to the queue and you have done up to that point. So in the queue, you should have records with WIID value.
(However, If I remember correct, for the client security hash assignment, we are supposed to add the data to a datatable)
Now, open the Get Transaction Data.xaml file. In there, there is an assign activity that assigns a value from the queue to out_TransactionItem argument (within a IF activity). Specify the value from WIID to that variable so that it can be passed to the process state.

I have done this using the datatable. SO I will share my screenshots here

Hope this helps!!

Let know how it goes for you…



i tried doing that im getting confused shall i upload the XMAL file.
i want to correct myself, can you tell by seeing it were i have done wrong.

HI @naveen.dsn

Yeah… sure… share your workflow files so I can have a look and see what is wrong…