Assignment 1 REFramework

I am not able to open the workflow InitAllApplications and got an error. Please help.
Value of property “Name” was automatically changed from “Initialize Applications” to “Initialize_Applications”.
I don’t understand where this is happening

There is no need of changing the paths of the workflows inside the framework as we have files within the same folder and the paths are already defined inside., Try creating a new project and select ReFramework so that you will get new thing without errors

@nishu- First thing first don’t use absolute path use relative path otherwise you are going to fail the exam.
Issue is you cannot use any space between the name of xaml for example Sample Process.xaml UiPath don’t support that. Now if you are using this type of name and tried to invoke that workflow UiPath will automatically rename it to Sample Process.xaml to Sample_Process.xaml which is causing this issue.

Thanks for helping and the motivation…

Thank you

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