Assignment 1 Level 3 - "System Data..." in value - Help

Guys, you put a smile on my face today. I was able to get to the process transaction workflow by changing the TransactionItem to DataRow.

Just a quick question, after I filtered my table why does the out_transactionID need to be assigned an ID from the original table before it was filtered?, Why not use the filtered data… That seems odd to me.

Is there a simple way to think of the out_* references?

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No, TransactionID is not for processing, it’s only for referencing. Please make sure you’re giving the right advice and sticking as close to the material as possible.

This is pulled directly from the walkthrough:

In your Process file, you’ll get in_TransactionItem and you’ll pull out the value of the WIID column and pass it to your navigation file in its invoke so that you can go to the right page to pull the correct information.


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