Assignment 1 Level 3 Problem

Hello Community,

I have a tiny problem with the assignment 1 in level 3. My results are the following.


I have read here a lot in forum and in the most cases, so the posts, the hash code could be wrong. Against this background I checked it, but I can’t find a reason.

The only difference is here is upper and lower case characters. It that the reason for the failing test? If not, what could be my failure?

Thanks for hints and tips.

Best regards


May be because of that it failed.

As it is read the Sha code and write into comments section without converting it into uppercase letters. Try once.



Hello Ganta,

thank you for your tip, I tried it and it worked. With a simple ToLower I could solve the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards


Great spot @lakshman bro…

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