Assignment 1 Level 3 errors

Hi everyone. I’ve gone through this multiple times and It’s time for me to admit I need help figuring out what i’m doing wrong. This is the situation: I worked through a good chunk of the assignment and clicked RUN. I got an error that said the file was too big. I went back and fourth and couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. So I started messing around with the assignment and I created errors where there were no errors before. Then I started brand new on another version of the assignment and now I can’t even get the browser to pull up. I was wondering If someone could take a look at the two different versions of the assignments I’ve worked on and let me know where i’m going wrong. I’m not completely finished with the assignment yet. I appreciate your help in advance.

Hey there @Arsh_Jian!
Are you still experiencing the same issues with regards to you workflow?

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Hi @BenMar

Yes I’m still struggling with the assignment. I’m not understanding what I’m doing wrong at this point. Can I send you a zip of my assignment? If you could just let me know where I’m going wrong and why.

Hi @Arsh_Jian,

Could you attach your workflows here to review ?

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Hi @mayank_26

Yes I’m currently at work. I will attach my workflows here as soon as I get home. I appreciate your response

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Perfect, also mention some major faults which you are experiencing.

I may revert back in sometime, though other members can look at it meanwhile.

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here are screenshots of the second one i’ve started on. I’ve messed around with the one i was further on too much to try fixing it. (987.0 KB)