Assignment 1 - level 3 advanced training

The exercise does not accept any try of evaluation, even following the scoring criteria, it keeps sending the same score(50/100), I am sure i did all the steps for the conclusion of the activity. Tried recording and sending for evaluation, with all clients hash with status COMPLETED, with the robot working, still giving me 50/100 score. Please send me a step-by-step video tutorial so I can try exactly as you do.

Have you tried resetting the data and running the workflow again?

Did you check these -

  1. Reset test data
  2. Run your workflow
  3. Check all WI5 items are completed
  4. All the hashcodes are unique and trimmed properly

If yes then try to submit ZIP this time. All the best!



Check the hash key. Usually if you don’t get 100/100, some spaces around starting/ending of hash keys mess it up