Assignment 1 - Getting error while selecting Client ID and SHA ResultCode

Hi All,
I am working on the 1st assignment and have been able to navigate through the work items.
However, on the “Work Details” page, I am unable to get UIPath to select the “client id”. It gives me the following error, although I have tried selecting the image multiple times:
" Find Image ‘DIV’: Activity timeout exceeded"

At times, I am able to get through upto “SHA” page, but then there it gives me an error
"Get Text ‘SPAN result-sha1’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "

Any help is appreciated. (987.8 KB)

Try scrape relative.

what is try scrape relative?

It is a method to scrape the text w.r.t another image or text, useful when the reference is fixed and doesnot change.